American History (Monday)
Art Appreciation (Wednesday)
Badminton (Friday)
Ballroom Dancing (Wednesday)
Barn Dancing (Thursday)
Beds Churches and Villages(Fridays)
Book Group 1 (Tuesday)
Book Group 2 (Tuesday)
Bridge (Thursday)
Card Making (Wednesday)
Chatty Wanderers (Mondays)
Chess (Tuesday)
Choir (Tuesday)
Cinema (Tuesday)
Craft (Wednesday)
Cryptic Clues (Monday)
Current Affairs (Thursday)
Cycling for Pleasure
Darts (Thursdays)
Entente Cordiale (Friday)
English History (Tuesday)
Exercise, Sit and Get Fit (Tuesday)
Family History (Friday)
Friendship Group (various)
Gardening 1 (Friday)
Gardening 3 (Wednesday)
Handbells (Thursday)
Indoor Games (Thursday)
IT(Tuesday and Wednesday)
Keep Fit (Wednesday)
Line Dancing (Tuesday)
Literature and Poetry (Friday)
Mahjong (Tuesday)
Meditation and Wellbeing (Monday)
Miniatures (Monday)
Music Appreciation (Monday)
Nordic Walking (Mondays/Thursdays)
Painting and Sketching 1 (Thursday)
Painting and Sketching 2 (Thursday)
Parliamo Italiano (Monday)
Photography 2 (Friday)
Photography 3 (Tuesday)
Play Reading 2 (Monday)
Poetry (various)
Poetry 20C (Tuesday)
Railway Modelling (Monday)
Recorder Group (Monday)
Scrabble (various)
Scribblers (Tuesday)
Singing for Fun (Thursday)
Spanish (Thursday)
Swimming 1 (Tuesday)
Table Tennis (Friday)
Table Tennis2 (Wednesday)
Tai Chi (Tuesday)
Ukulele (Wednesday)
Walks 4/5 miles (Monday)
Walks shorter (Thursday)
Walks even shorter (Thursday)
Whist (Friday)
Wildlife (Thursday)
Yoga (Tuesday)

​Group Coordinator: Chris Fordham
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New Groups

​IT and Petanque information now available click link left