A Great Day out in the Peak District September 2018

First to Bakewell with free  time.
Next Abraham Heights and lunch at the top
Walk to Matlock Baths

Make your own pie  here                                  Hilary Parmakis                                    
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I am sorry but these photos will not display correctly in many   mobiles and tablets. Modern cameras record photos which have been taken in PORTRAIT position in LANDSCAPE form. They have an auto correct when you look at them on your cameras , a procedure I do not have the expertise to reverse on PC. Answer for website, take all photos on mobiles  in landscape form please! Photos taken on ordinary cameras are fine in any form . Sorry.
The deep Gorge below Abraham heights                          Teresa Hills
Amazing View from top                                    Joyce Thomson
Enjoying the View over lunch                                                Teresa Hills
A long way down                                                          Hilary Parmakis
Our members aiming for the top                                      Teresa Hills
A well deserved rest                                              Joyce Thomson