​                            Old Jewish London May 2018

​Our Day
​(We saw a fraction of below due to delay)

​Traces the history of London's Jewish community in the East End. A tale that embraces the poverty of the pogrom refugees and the glittering success of the Rothschilds; the eloquence of Prime Minister Disraeli and the spiel of the Petticoat Lane stallholder; the poetry of Isaac Rosenberg and the poetry-in-motion of Abe Saperstein's Harlem Globetrotters. Set amid the alleys and back streets of colourful Spitalfields and Whitechapel, it's a tale of synagogues and sweatshops, Sephardim and soup kitchens. Whenever possible we visit** the historic Bevis Marks synagogue. (photo below)
(London Walks intro)

In the afternoon, West End and the Wallace Collection in Manchester Square
Looking at a remnant of the City Wall                                                       Hilary Holt
Outside Bevis Marks                                                   Hilary Holt
Inside the Synagogue
The Wallace Collection   Manchester Square                                Hilary Holt
A Photo Shoot Artist of the Year
Hunger Satisfied Nr Marylebone Lane
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