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We meet at St Mark's on 2nd Wednesday 10am, mostly in the winter months.
In the Spring and Summer, we try to visit either members' or Public Gardens.
This group is full at present but Sue keeps a reserve list.
The group is run as a cooperative,a different member is  responsible totally, for any one month to arrange talk or visit but Sue is our contact for all enquiries.

Programme below is subject to change.  Transport shared on request
Rose Archway at Barnsley 12 July 2017
Gardening Group 3             Sue Rossin

contact her at:

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​March 14 Botanic Gardens Cambridge.
April    11 Newbury Farm Gardens
May     09 Coton Manor
June    13  Old Warden
July     11  Roy and Ann's Garden
July     18  Savill Gardens Book through Sheila Brummell £24
Aug     08  Annette's Garden
Sept    12  Stockwood Park
Oct      10  TBA
Nov     14  TBA

Updated 14 February 2018

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