English History Group
              Leader Christine Stuckey

We divide the years 655 to 1952 into ten time periods, one for each of our ten meetings each year.  We decide in advance who will contribute with around four members taking responsibility for each meeting and others making ‘titbit’ offerings.  None of us are experts but we learn from each other and by researching our own contributions from the internet, books, radio and TV programmes, the library etc. Members who don’t want to present anything are still welcome to join and come along and listen.

Topics are mainly English history though, necessarily, they may touch on events in other countries.  We don’t only concentrate on royalty but also think about social history, literature, music, art, historical figures, events or aspects of life such as food, transport, hygiene, etc.

For further information, including venue, contact 
Christine Stuckey 851809

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