​                               King Richard 111 and free time Leicester

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Val standing by Richard, the man himself                       ?
The pretty tea garden outside the Exhibition Centre.
Downstairs depicted story of Richard's life using scenes from Shakespeare's Richard 111 and a series of documents and wallcharts, whilst upstairs we followed the long trail undertaken by the archaeologists.
The Tomb, in the Cathedral                                                                       Val Muggeridge
Sheila and Jacky outside the 14C Guildhall
''Our aim with this piece is to express the events surrounding the death of King Richard III, focussing on key moments and using the space of the silhouette as a canvas for the viewer’s imagination.

The artwork comprises twelve vertical steel plates that feature silhouettes, which depict lifesize representations of King Richard III.''
The moments depicted by the silhouettes are based as closely as possible on historical accounts and records. In order to create them, the studio – working with students from Loughborough University Arts – engaged a historical re-enactor to model for them.''

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