Bedford U3A Miniatures Group

The miniaturist group was started in January 2008, we now have 7 enthusiastic members that meet once a month for a couple of hours and enjoy a very informal yet interesting get together.
We discovered that we are not just into dolls house, some ladies build and decorate dolls houses, while the gents are more into model railways and model aircraft ( in their spare time)!
  At least one of our group is an engineer, so we keep him very busy We aim to exhibit our current annual project each year at the AGM, with many members expressing an interest in what we have created.
Our project for the 2014   AGM  is entitled  'IN THE TRENCHES',  part of the Anniversary commemoration
A Diorama probably encompassing Hill 60, from WW1, in which the Bedfordshires took part and a soldier of that regiment gained a VC, will be the focus of our efforts.  As much as possible created from oddments scattered around our homes. 
We aim to spend as little money as possible and make and adapt bits wherever possible.  This is an added depth to our abilities. Trouble is we never throw anything away!
If you are not already enjoying the fascinating hobby of creating a project in miniature, you will be amazed at the scope it offers :  Not only Dolls houses, but Dioramas, Model Railways, Ships, Aircraft, Wooden Toys, Churches, Gardens, Shops, Sheds, Greenhouses, a Zoo to name  a few.
If you can CUT. GLUE. MEASURE. WHITTLE. STICK. FOLD. CREATE. DESIGN. FILE. SAW. SAND. PAINT. MOULD. EMBOSS. SHAPE. PLASTER. SCULPT. PHOTOGRAPH. RESEARCH. CONSTRUCT  and generally FIDDLE with mini creations ( any of the above) you are most welcome to join us.
We all learn by sharing our interest and experiences, although we mostly work in 1/12 as a group.
No matter which scale you chose to work in from 1/12th:  1/24th; 1/76th or 1/100 it matters not.
If you are interested please contact Jo Fordham 217 396

    One  of our Displays                                       photo Jo Fordham                                                     
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