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 Chatham and Sheringham , Ipswich, and Kent holidaya nd Oxford, Pepys Museum

Those going to Lincoln .
Teresa has been offered by organiser at Castle, tea and biscuits fro £2 on arrival. She will presume you are in favour unless you tell her otherwise.
It is a bargain and saves trailing around.

Following talk today at Addison, hope to arrange visit to Foundling Museum in November, Jane our Speaker today, said she would lead.


Coming up

March 3       Brick Lane   Aladdin   Full  (Music Hall)            Jenny

April  9/13  Short Break in IOW Sandown  FULL                                                   Teresa

April 18       Lincoln Cathedral and Castle (private tour) + free time   FULL
                            Teresa and Rod 

May 3           Old Jewish London (walk) and Manchester Sq for Wallace Collection or free time in                        Oxford St Book March Addison£25                                                 Audrey/Sheila

May 8/15   Holiday in DENIA  We fly from Luton, All incl                                     Contact Jenny 

June  20        Hampton Court  and River Trip  £38                                                     Jenny

July 8        Kilworth 'Guys and Dolls' £34 ticket. FULL  Jacky                                    Jacky

July 12     The Maltings and Southwold                                                                      Teresa

August      King Richard Trail Leicester,We willl have a guided walk but also suitable for non
                 walkers as there is a Visitor centre. PM Free time to wander around markets etc

August 15 Kilworth  Joseph £32 coach later Booking March Ath                                Jacky

Trying to book Foundling Museum and P O Museum (with ride on the now defunct Mail Line )                           for November
Crime and Punishment at the Victorian School Hitchin                           Photo Joyce Thomson    
Our phone numbers
Jacky Eastwood     772443 (Kilworth only)
Sheila Brummell    312623
Jenny Knaggs        830906
Audrey Hancock    356915
Teresa Hills           07749 465315
Rod Fewings         07718 390188

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DoOxford's Bodleian Library is one of the oldest public libraries in the world and quite possibly the most impressive one you'll ever see. Visitors are welcome to wander around the central quad and the foyer exhibition space. For £1 you can visit the Divinity School, but the rest of the complex is only accessible on guided tours. Check timings online or at the information desk.uble click here to add text.