Ukelele Groups (1) (2)
Group Leader Alan Goodger   Tel: 01234 962012 (Group 1)

Group Leader Ian Williams (Group 2) from November 7 2018
Meeting on Wednesday  2 - 3.30

Meet at 1 Naylor Ave Kempston
(on left as you approach the Nissan garage)

Group Contact: Steve Clark 07739 707604

Group 1
It has become very apparent just how much pleasure playing a musical instrument can give you and there has been a big increase in the popularity of the ukulele. We meet every Wednesday afternoon at Putnoe Heights church from 2pm (1.30 for Beginners) until 4 pm, as from 6 November 2019, we will be moving to Clapham Methodist Church, same times. We have only been going since November 2015 and have 10 people attending each week but there is plenty of room for more. The afternoons are open to all standards of playing and I encourage beginners to come and give it a try. I do have four spare ukuleles which the beginners can try before they purchase their own. 

For the benefit of the beginners we start at 1.30pm to enable myself to give an extra half an hour tuition showing how to create the cord formation and it has been so pleasing to see how quickly they have picked it up and join in with the more advanced players from 2pm onwards.

The ukulele is a simple instrument to learn and having only four strings, a few basic chords will get you started. They can be purchased from between £40 to £80.00 and there are four sizes available. The soprano is the smallest followed by the concert, tenor and finally the baritone. Many will start off using the small soprano but soon find it much easier to play the larger tenor as the frets are wider apart. 

I have produced a 50 page ukulele song book showing the words of each song and the chords clearly placed making it very easy to follow. We all take it in turns to select the song we would like to play and it has been a pleasure listening to you singing and playing. If you are an experienced player or would like to learn, pleased come along and join us, you`ll be amazed just how much enjoyment you will gain by making music.
​Alan Goodger
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Alan Goodger