​                                            Bedfordshire Churches and Villages

Our objective is to visit churches and their villages. We have some lined up with guides, but where there are none available, we are going to do research and then do the guiding ourselves.

We arrange a visit every month but the day varies to suit as many Members as possible. Watch for date on web and at Open Meetings.
We have had some very successful visits already , all well supported.

Details of impending trips are advertised at Open Meetings and in the Newsletter of this website.See below for upcoming dates.

If you are interested in our Group, please give me a call. My name is Cynthia Moore and my telephone 01234 353063

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Our group at Biddenham  Church November 2016                           photo Cynthia Moore
Planned Activities in 2018/19

November  28                 HarroldWednesday 

December-                      No meeting

January Annual Meeting and Lunch - Wednesday 23rd January 2019, 12:30 pm.

Venue - Great Denham Golf Club

BVIC members must book their place and decide on their meal as soon as possible.

Payment must be received before Tuesday 11th December, 2018.

The Bar menu is on the Great Denham Golf Course website or on our board at the Ath or Kempston meetings.

This list will be updated as further bookings are made.