Mondays 10am  unless otherwise marked
                                         Duration 2-2½hrs.
                Group Leaders are: Sadie Evans 402723
                                                Bobby Noble  403514
 Committee: Bob Seamarks, Keith Swales, Chris Williams, Jane Upstone, Dave Jennings, Donna Abbott, Dave Evans, Fred Noble Dave Williams

                                 Winter to Easter Walks
In the midst of busy Milton Keynes,this calm             Dave Evans
Waking Group at Milton Keynes February 2017                             Dave Evans

Sadie's email:
Bobby's email:
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Date                                                        Venue                                                               Leader (s)

                                                                                                                                                                   01234 342091

27 March                                               Grafham Waterpark @ Wheatsheaf Perry PE28 0BX     Maggie Bullen01767 640507

3 AprilBedford                                         The Pheasant MK41 8YB                                            Mavis & Harry  01234 870034

10 April                                                  Bromham Prince of WalesMK43 8PE                          John Hutchinson 01234 403401

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