Visit to ROMAN Baths Welwyn and British School Hitchin. 21 February

Roman Baths

Welwyn Roman Baths... tunnel below the A1(M) motorway, and through time, to the world of the Romans, with a visit to this fascinating archaeological site and museum.
Although the boiler went out about 2000 years ago, you can still see the layout of this fantastically preserved bath house site, which was once a private villa for local farmers.
See how Roman central heating worked, to operate the system of hot and cold baths, similar to today's saunas.
A recently updated display shows lots of beautiful objects from the area, and explains Romano-British life. We will  have a guided tour.

British School Hitchin
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The historic British Schools Museum on Queen Street in Hitchin provides information and entertainment to visitors from around the UK and the world in the heart of the town. The buildings were rescued from possible demolition in 1990 after the original school closed in 1969, more than 150 years after the first school on the site. Now the historic listed buildings house an impressive collection of 47,000 items.
British Schools Museum offers:

  A fascinating journey through 200 years of schooldays and childhood
  A hands-on insight into social history
  Resources for family history research
  A fascinating range of displays and exhibitions

Entrance to Roman Baths 9 metres under A 1                            
Furnace Room in foreground looking towards  water tank, hot, tepid and cold baths     Chris Rossin                            in 
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Here you can see  the hot bath heated by water from tank, furnace in background            Chris Rossin                            in 
Seated Roman has feet over cold bath, other chap in chatting area         Chris Rossin                            in